The Challenge ¶

The #30DayChartChallenge is a community-driven challenge that happens each year during April. Every day, there is a certain prompt, grouped into five categories: comparisons, distributions, relationships, time series, and uncertainties. Anyone is welcome to contribute, no matter which data source or tool is used to create the visualizations.

The first edition was run in 2021 with 1,960 contributions from all over the world. The challenge is inspired by the #30DayMapChallenge which was initiated by Topi Tjukanov in 2019.

The Team ¶

How to Participate ¶

  1. check the current prompt and the code of conduct
  2. pick any data you like
  3. create a visualization with a tool of your choice
  4. share your work on Twitter with the hashtag #30DayChartChallenge and the day (e.g. #Day1)

Code of Conduct ¶

A data source or visualization is unacceptable if it:

Disclaimer ¶

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